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#FriFotos #FridayReads and the Power of Hashtags

#FriFotos #FridayReads and the Power of Hashtags

Over the last few Fridays, I have participated in the Twitter project #FriFotos (if you are not familiar with hashtags, basically it is a mechanism to sort and display every bit of information that includes this word(s) succeeding the # [...]

Alpaca Festival

Had it not been for Twitter and someone’s small mention of the Maryland Alpaca Festival this weekend… well, I wouldn’t have been able to see these precious faces!  The huge Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in May attracts thousands of [...]

Yosemite: Day Hikes, Domes, and (Really) Huge Trees

Yosemite: Day Hikes, Domes, and (Really) Huge Trees

Seems that I got a bit out of order in chronology of my posts.  Here I am telling you about the things that I just finished knitting, but I didn’t tell you WHERE I was knitting them… so, allow me [...]


The most exciting thing about my parents’ move to eastern Pennsylvania is that when I visit them, there are so many new places to explore.  Mom told me several times “You are going to love it here!” and when I [...]

Mr. Jefferson, I presume…

Living in this area for 14 years, I have compiled a list of top daytrip destinations.  The #1 seed on that list has always been Charlottesville, Virginia, and more particularly, Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello.  It wasn’t until this last [...]