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USA – North Carolina

USA – North Carolina

east coast

Montego for Mimi

I promised a finished knit photo shoot and I deliver! My sister and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon at a small beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina; it was a perfect backdrop for her birthday scarf’s debut! Mimi [...]

Weekend at Mimi’s

I will be driving south this afternoon for a long weekend with my little sister, Mimi.  Mimi She lives in a very quaint little town on the coast of North Carolina. We have plans to hike and bike some of [...]

Freshwater / Saltwater

Kris and I took the scenic route to the beach.  The weather was pristine, and there were plenty of worthy diversions:  the roadside farmers’ markets and the small lakes, in particular.   I just love the spontaneity of vacations:  we passed [...]

Beach Baby

Kris and I are off to the Maryland and Delaware beaches today! Packed amongst my towels and sunscreen, I have some great knitting, and a good book to keep me busy… …and this great new hat! ~See you next week~