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USA – Alaska

USA – Alaska

Perseverance: A Hike and a Shawl

Last Alaska-related post.  I promise.  (I can almost hear you now: Lolly… you have been back from nearly two weeks!  Don’t you have other things to talk about?) The Perseverance Trail is a network of trails that start right above [...]

Knits from Up North

Juneau’s climate is tailor-made for handknits.  The temperature is pretty consistent, and while we were there, it didn’t rise above 60 degrees.  You need warm and dry feet – make socks.  You need to cover your neck and chest – [...]

Where the Road Ends

You have to fly or float to Juneau.  There are roads here in town, but the roads don’t connect with any larger system from another state or from Canada.  There’s 50 miles or so of accessible roads from the north [...]

Tidal Pool Treasures

Hiking every day gives you the opportunity to see many of the microclimates and biotopes in this Alaskan town.  On Sunday afternoon, Kris, dad and I went out to a trailhead on Douglas Island, across the channel from downtown Juneau, [...]

Icy Reception

It’s easy to forget it’s mid-July when you are standing on the shore of a glacial lake… and when a handknit wool hat is necessary weather gear. Glacier –> ice calf/iceberg –> ice cube –> ice toy L-shaped (for Lolly!) [...]