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USA – California

USA – California

San Francisco, Napa Valley

Yosemite: Day Hikes, Domes, and (Really) Huge Trees

Yosemite: Day Hikes, Domes, and (Really) Huge Trees

Seems that I got a bit out of order in chronology of my posts.  Here I am telling you about the things that I just finished knitting, but I didn’t tell you WHERE I was knitting them… so, allow me [...]

Pure Joy

My trip to Monterey was the perfect tonic for this frazzled spring – it brought renewal, relaxation, and so much joy.  I guess you could say it was about as much joy as a toddler in a field of flowers [...]

Coasting ~

This week, I will be living it up on the Central California Coast …and most importantly, enjoying my time with these loved ones… (my sister and niece, Baby V!) I will be tweeting (surprise!) the trip and the places we [...]

New Bud :: Family Tree

Two months ago today (the 28th), my family got a new addition.  Luckily when I was in California, I had the chance to spend some time with her – Baby V is amazing. Mimi and I talked about doing a [...]

Love Hockey. Will Travel.

As you may recall, Kris and I are huge hockey fans. Kris has been in to it since he was a kid, and when we started dating in high school, I really got in to it too… and since we [...]