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USA – New York

USA – New York

New York trips

Rhinebeck in Photos (and a few words)

     I decided to go to the New York Sheep and Wool festival a few months ago.  I guess I wanted to see how it compared to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival that is (essentially) in my back [...]

NYC Yarns

I came back with a full bag of souvenirs from New York. The city is truly a yarn destination: the Fashion District, boutique spinneries, little shops in the Village. So much to see! So much to fit in the suitcase [...]

City Explore

Kris and I took the train up to New York City on Thursday morning. Train Station marquee *blurry* He had a two-day conference in Manhattan, and I had time to explore. We spent Thursday in Greenwich Village – it was [...]

Friday Fotos: A Week in Review

I finished my postcard for the Project Spectrum Postcard Swap last week. I did not really have a plan in mind before sitting down and making it – I knew I wanted to try some embroidery. So, I winged it. [...]