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#FriFotos #FridayReads and the Power of Hashtags

#FriFotos #FridayReads and the Power of Hashtags

Over the last few Fridays, I have participated in the Twitter project #FriFotos (if you are not familiar with hashtags, basically it is a mechanism to sort and display every bit of information that includes this word(s) succeeding the # [...]

:: Green ::

Project Spectrum’s focus shifts to GREEN this June – and what a perfect time to do so.  Over the weekend, I went through some of my photographs from last year’s trip to Alaska.  We took over 1500 photographs while we [...]

“One Day, I Will…”

“One day, I will stop by… have a look around…” Sitting at the traffic light, with my blinker on to turn left.  Looking directly ahead at the historic grounds and the small gravestones peeking above the grass. “Why not today?” [...]