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Wanderlust and Musings: Page 2

Wanderlust and Musings

Me waxing philosophical about travel

Personal Geography: A PS Photo Challenge

The first day of Project Spectrum’s fourth incarnation:  Cardinal Directions!  I am excited to start off this new journey with so many of you!  Thanks, as always, for the support and creative inspiration.  Ravelry’s Project Spectrum group has been all [...]

Prep Time

I try to be mindful and present – thinking about the here and now. Sometimes, though, it is fun to think about the what is to come. Especially when the future holds a vacation and a big personal challenge… We [...]

Truth and Reconciliation

My mother says I worry too much. She says that I find things to worry about; and she is probably right. I worry about things in the future [first mammogram] and things in the past [did they understand what I [...]


Pine Trees, California Cypress Swamp, North Carolina Cherry Trees, Washington, DC Banyan Tree, Hoomaluhia, Hawaii Coastal Redwoods, California Decidious Trees, Maryland Trees in Maryland Trees completely enchant me.  They catch my eye, and my spirit.  The most tranquil place I [...]

Away Away

It’s August. So, that means that nearly everyone is on vacation. Isn’t that how it works in Europe? We need that in the U.S. I love to travel. Nearby or faraway: not quite the “anywhere but here” mentality, but more [...]