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Hockey Games

Kris always has hockey games on Sundays and I love to go and watch him play. I always bring my knitting along. I like how I can bring a sweater along to wear inside the rink, even though it is about 90 degrees outside! I love living in Maryland, but I seriously hate the weather here. I really wish it could be more mild. The humidity is the thing that bothers me the most though!

I took along the gusset for the SnB Zeeby bag. I am about 30 inches in, and I need to get to 52″. (I made mine bigger than the pattern calls for).

So, they ended up winning 9-3! Kris got 2 goals and 3 assists.


Attention Deficit Knitting

Yeah, so I like to knit a lot of stuff… I start something, set it down and do not come back right away. I had been sitting on this Zeeby bag (below) for about 6 weeks, and just started on it again this weekend.

Anyway, I started my next project! It is also from Stitch ‘N Bitch. It just so happens that I am doing two patterns from this book… believe, I like other stuff too! I have amassed quite a “to knit list” in the past few months of serious knitting.
So, this is my first cable garment. I have practiced the technique quite a bit, and I am ready to make the leap. Kris’ mother got some nice Caron acrylic yarn for me last Christmas that I was just waiting to use. When I saw this pattern, I knew it would work nicely. I was able to knit to gauge without changing needles or anything. This is the back of the garment, so you won’t see the cable there… that will come soon!

So, a little progress. I like the way it is turning out.

Other knitting news: I am adding to my knitting library. Here are my two most recent acquisitions…

The Animal Knits book has some great intarsia patterns for kids sweaters/blankets, etc. I have not tackled intarsia yet, but this book will be great fun when I learn it.

Rowan’s It’s a Tape Thing has some great designs in it. I will have to alter some of the patterns to fit me properly in the bust, but I am up for the challenge…


SnB Zeeby Bag

This bag has been on the back burner for so long… so I decided to pick it up this morning and finish the back panel while watching Ned Kelly. (The movie is pretty good, btw)

I am working this in Red Heart TLC in Cranberry. The color in the picture is more pink than it is in real life. I decided to add a few more stiches to make the bag wider, so I accomendating that with a larger gusset. I am going to use a contrasting royal blue color for the pocket and stiches on the front. I hope to get to this soon. I also bought some remnant fabric with which I will line the bag.

Also, I was getting some complaints from the kitty department that they were not getting the attention they deserved in this blog, so I want you to meet Quincy and Rusty.


Bella hates the camera

Bella really does not like the camera for some reason, but today I snapped a pretty good one of her!

Jenny, on the other hand, is very photogenic…


Yarn Therapy

Work was hard today… had to say goodbye to two good friends. Both are moving away, and it happened that both of them had the same last day. So, I needed a pick-me-up. When I got home, there was a package with the beautiful Colinette Point 5. I ordered it from eBay last week! So, the yarn gave me a smile.

Wow, this stuff is beautiful. I just need to figure out what to make with it…