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Burlap sack = my first sweater

Well, I finished it… my first real sweater. It is WAY too big for me, the sleeves go over my hand, but I don’t care, because this is a landmark! Since it was my first sweater, I knew there were going to be mistakes… so I went cheapo on the yarn. I used LB Homespun–I don’t remember the colorway. Whatever it was, it was $2 a skein at JoAnn’s, so that was enough to make me buy it. I started out using a pattern, but then I scrapped it. I did not like where it was headed, so about 7 or 8 inches up in back, I went my own way. Does this make it my own design?

It is a nice comfy “around the house” sweater. My favorite thing about it is the improvised boatneck. I cannot believe it turned out so well.



I wanted to introduce my puppies to everyone… meet Jenny (r) and Bella (l). Bella decided to play shy and shut her eyes on every shot. This is the best one I could come up with!



Who does not love a good sale? I happened into my local Michaels today hoping for just that… and I found it! They had LB Fisherman’s Wool for $5.00 / skein. I cleared out their stash (5 skeins in all) and I am planning a great kool-aid dyeing project this weekend. There is a nice tutorial on Craftster and I particularly like her green and blue. After I dye it, I have enough to make something substantial, but I may just make small gifty things too. Perhaps felted bags or slippers… to be decided.

One of the best things about working in the library (specifically the Interlibrary Loan dept.) is that I can order books from all over the country. I have been sampling a great number of books lately. With the new Knitting “Renaissance”, several books have come out, and there are some great ones.
Some of my favorites:

Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick
There are some amazing designs in this book. I picked it up and with just a flip of the pages, I knew that I needed to purchase it. Each design is presented with several pictures. Many different skill levels are represented. I have not knit a pattern from this book yet, however, all the patterns seem to be very well-written and easy to understand. Cannot wait to have my own copy.

Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein
There are 350 designs in this book. The possibilities are endless! Organized by ribs, ruffles, fringes, and other structures these details are laid out on full sized pages with large color photographs. Each is accompanied by a clear pattern. There is a special decorative edge for everyone in this book–beginner to advanced, no one will be disappointed.

Hot Knits by Melissa Leapman
This recently published book (June 2004) has a lot to offer. There is something for all levels of knitters, and some very stylish designs. The usual fare: sweaters, cardigans, tanks… but it is still a fun book that any knitter will enjoy.


Giotto… most beautiful thing…

I am simply in love with Colinette… and I recently bought a skein of Giotto in the Gauguin colorway. Since I could only afford one skein at the time, I wanted to make something special with it.

Simple stockinette on large needles–I wanted the yarn to be the star of the show.

Here is a detail… unfortunately the camera did not capture the sheen of the ribbon.

And in other news, here is my new project.

It is a poncho with Patons Divine mohair blend. Holding two strands together, and using US50 needles, this is knitting up very fast. I hope to post a finished picture before too long.


First post

Well, I was a little depressed when the first entry I wrote the other night was eaten by the computer, so I had to wait and cool the flames before I could repost. 

Kris and I went over to my parents’ house last night for a belated birthday party for my sister.  She was in Azerbijan for the last five weeks, and we missed her birthday… I gave her some things before she left, but I knit up a quick scarf at Kris’s hockey game the other night, and wrapped that up for her too.  It was the Trendsetter Savvy chenille/eyelash in a blue/green colorway.  The yarn is quite nice and knits up so fast.

Here it is one me… I want to get one with her in it…